The Obama Deception

No, it’s not a theory. It’s not a documentary. And it’s not a scheme either. The Obama Deception is a movie that illustrates the deceptive acts of Obama. This movie is a complete destruction to Barack Obama’s way of governance. As what is known today, Obama is seen to work for the best interests of the American people. In this movie, it tells that Obama’s goodness is just only a façade.

According to the movie, the mastermind of the Obama phenomena is the New Order. The New Order carefully planned this trick so that they can control the people of America. In their plan, Obama should be seen as America’s new hero. The modern savior that will help America be in its finest.

Some features of the movie: the person whom Obama works for, the lies he has addressed, and the real agenda why he pursued to become the President of the United States.

The movie also shows some possibilities in the Obama regime. This includes America turning to become Nazi. The possibility of domestic civilian spies and warrantless wiretaps are also included. The creation of a new World Bank is openly announced in the movie, which the real agenda is to dominate every nation on earth. Having a World Government is also possible because of bankruptcy across nations.

According to critics, this movie will help the future of the Republic and also governments of other countries.