There Will be 100 Million Active Users of Android

Android now rules the smartphone world for the reason that there will be over 100 million energetic Android users out there this spring.

Latest reports say that smartphone usage increase has been growing and Android had been explosive throughout the world by late 2010.  There will be more than 100 million active users of Android this coming spring.  Other best-selling operating systems will be the Symbian, iOS and Blackberry.

There is a prediction given saying Android will develop to over double the rate of major competitors in 2011.  From 70 million Android users shipped in 2010, it will grow to 150 million for 2011 and would eventually become 200 million by the end of this year.

International manufacturers around the world are now quickly shifting to Android from Symbian smartphones.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt just said that the phone market will be a great help for Android soon.


Along with this, Google needs to improve Android market to manage the upcoming challenges like platform detection and application highlights.  Developers should be prepared to serve the abilities of different categories.

The latest breed for high-end Android smartphones will be publicized all year round.  It has new features including dual-core processor and 4G connections.

Google has future plans for tablet computing, and they will get a press event this February 2 to show the latest in Android. Android 3.0 is actually the big deal here, featuring a user interface optimized for larger tablet screens.  Google just released the Android 3.0 Preview SDK to developers.

Android 3.0 tablets with iPad-sized screens will be released as soon as Google makes the new platform fully available.

It will compete with iOS, MeeGo and Blackberry QNX but would surely grow quickly in the later part of 2011.  Galaxy Tab already had an excellent performance, and that is why we expect more from the 3.0 tablets.

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