ThinkPad Tablet 2 Launches with a Windows 8 OS, Lenovo

On Wednesday, Lenovo announced that the ThinkPad Tablet 2 will have the upcoming Windows 8 operating system of Microsoft. The tab has a 10.1-inch screen and is launched as a new generation of the PCs and devices of the company.

The device is said to be weighing for less than six hundred grams with a thickness of 9.8 millimeters. It also comes with the Atom processor code-named Clover Trail from Intel. Tab 2 will be released this coming October, having its OS as Windows 8 Pro. The touch screen has also been optimized.

The device is the descendant to the original ThinkPad Tablet with its OS as Android 3.1 of Google and ARM processor. As with the new ThinkPad Tablet 2, Lenovo is making a change into Wintel. This is prevailing in a lot of PCs; however it’s not yet established in tabs. Last June, the tablet’s prototypes were presented at a Taipei’s trade show.

According to Lenovo, the Tablet 2 is suitable for both home and office use. The device will also come with an optional 4G or 3G connectivity options, which depends on the country it is released. There is also an optional keyboard and dock can be connected to make it into a PC.

The price of the device will be announced when the launching date arrives.

The tab’s features include HD display, wireless video streaming, and front and rear cameras. A HD TV can also be connected to the device by means of an HDMI port. There’s a USB port wherein you can connect peripherals like printers.