This Thing With Google+ and the ‘Viral Channels’

Google+Google+ is an impressive social endeavor from Google, yet what Facebook has that it does not is being a platform.  Outside developers could not create apps ahead of Google+, although that functionality is in the works.

Chris Turitzin, top Facebook developer writes in a post that the one thing that would make him go to Google+ is “viral channels.”

When Facebook announced its platform, it left a lot of viral channels open as possible to move in developers magnetized by the hyper expansion probable on the platform.  After that, once the platform was recognized — and since there was no rivalry for developers to speak of — Facebook begun declining those viral channels one at a time. Facebook did that both to gain the user familiarity and as well because once viral channel are less authoritative, developers have to purchase Facebook ads to obtain allocation.

Currently, developers are discouraged and prepared to bail for a platform that would open up those viral channels.

Whereas that is possibly big news for Google+, it is potentially awful news for users, as that would indicate tons of spammy warnings overnight.

Things must be resolved around some equilibrium at several points after a bit of testing.