Three Hackers Pleaded Guilty for Cyberattacks in Sony, NHS, etc

A group of notorious hackers have plead guilty today for cyberattacks against Sony, News International, and NHS.

Lulz Security or LulzSec, is a group of hackers that made quite a big name by taking down big websites, farming passwords and account informations. In 2012, the FBI have taken down their group with the help of its leader, Sabu – not his actual name. The authorities arrested some members of LulzSec and charged them with cases breaching the law. Today, three members of the group have plead guilty in London court.

Mustafa al-Bassam, Jake Davis, and Ryan Ackroyd were amongst the suspects and plotted with the attacks of NHS, News International and Sony that happened two years ago. Ackroyd have been apprehended before but continued to maintain his innocence with some of the attacks. But today, Ackroyd is on of the three who pleaded guilty for the attacks of the grand websites including 20th Century Fox.

For Davis and al-Bassam, aside from Sony, News International, and NHS attacks, they also plead guilty for taking down the law enforcement organizations in the US and UK. Davis had pleaded guilty before with some cyberattacks while this is the first time of al-Bassam’s.

The three is now awaiting for their sentence scheduled to take place on May 14. Together with them is another hacker from LulzSec named Ryan Cleary who also pleaded guilty to six cyberattack charges.

lulzsec hackers plead guilty