Tim Cook’s Visit in China Signals Two iPhone Partners

china mobile and china unicomThe current visit of Apple COO Tim Cook to China Mobile, which might recommend the mobile gadget seller, is in talks with China Mobile concerning possible iPhone cooperation.  Currently, China Unicom is the de facto restricted iPhone operator in China.

Tim Cook as well visited China Unicom throughout his secret China journey to converse concerning iPhone combined force issues with opening of 3G iPad 2 into market in China.  It appears to some that strange of Apple go indications that iPhone might have 2 partners in China.

Frequently Apple just chooses one restricted iPhone cooperator for one region, like AT&T in the States, Softbank in Japan and China Unicom in China.  However as Verizon has currently the next iPhone operator in America, it appears Apple was not that obstinate in this issue.  We have purposes to consider that Apple may have two iPhone operators in China, which would be China Mobile and China Unicom.

It looks with the excellent achievement of iPhone and iPad in China, Apple values Chinese market even superior.  iPad conquests 98.89% of tablet market share of China, while the entire other brands as well as Dell, HP and Samsung share the other 1.11% market share, according to 3rd party data-processing company CNZZ. The latest financial report of Apple, 2nd quarter of 2011 illustrates that income from China accounts for 10% of its total income.  No doubt Apple believes that it will make stronger its investment in China.  Ye Lei, Gartner analyst commented that “To keep or even surpass its current pace, the largest competitor for Apple is Apple itself.”