Top 4 Gadgets You Should Have for 2013

Innovation is the name of the game.

For 2013, the tech world opens up with some of the top competitions punching and butting out gadgets, comparing shares and results, and enhancing creativity to new inventions. Tech experts expect the following gadget-should-haves to look out for this year.

Project Glass | Google

This is characterized as the introduction of wearable computers. Google Project Glass has already been viral and made it into tech headlines as a possible product. But before this project was even made, military forces have already been using these glasses. With this, major corporations have quite slowly joining in the bandwagon of this kind of technology. Experts say that it just takes a little more time for the public to realize how useful this can be in workplaces and in everyday activities.

Xbox 720

This should be on the top list of all gamers worldwide. The countdown has started for the new Xbox 720, the successor of Xbox 360.

After seven long years of waiting, finally, gamers all over the world will have the full grasp of this game this year. There has been talks going on that this will have a quad-core processor and an 8GB RAM. More speculated features are said to be 3D gaming, AMD graphics, and Blu-ray support.

Top 4 Gadgets You Should Have for 2013

Galaxy S IV | Samsung

2012 was a very good year for Samsung when it closed off with a big bang of its recently released Galaxy S III and Note II. It also has outwitted its biggest rival, Apple, when it comes to market shares of its smartphone lineups.

There are speculations that Samsung will be producing new gadgets this year, saying that Galaxy S IV will be released in the early half of 2013.

Cyber-Shot DSC-TX 10 camera | Sony

For photographers, this could be the camera they all are waiting for. Sony is rumored to be releasing its newest invention — the Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10.

This rumored new camera from Sony is identified to be dustproof, waterproof, freeze-proof-talk, amd shockproof that are most compatible with those photographers who are always on the go. It’s 16.2 Megapixel and has a 3-inch LCD screen. It also has Super Auto modes to be used for subject recognizing and image enhancing.