TouchPad Could be iPad’s Greatest Competitor

hp TouchPadTouchPad of Hewlett-Packard might be the reply of the business professional to a tablet with productivity abilities, not only an entertainment.

The Touch Pad which opens on Friday amazed reviewers with its multitasking features, smartphone interaction and slick charging dock, perhaps providing the iPad a run for the money in the productivity department.

After trying some time using the TouchPad, Jason Hiner of Tech Republic calls it, “the iPad’s stiffest competition yet for individual business professionals, who currently represent a quiet but very large portion of the iPad user base”. Thinking the iPad has been the darling of the market with upwards of 25 million sold-to-dates, that’s an attractive extraordinary tribute.

Jason Hiner says, “The Touchpad will appeal to professionals who want a tablet to handle work tasks,” but will be disappointed by its entertainment value compared to the iPad.

Hiner notes three key spots where the TouchPad “trumps” the iPad, specifically email capabilities, full web experience, and interaction between tablet and smartphone.

The multitasking abilities of TouchPad permit the user to simply go among apps, multiple browser tabs text documents, phone calls and more.  The more contains the capability to pair the TouchPad with a webOS phone, like HP’s Pre3 and bump a call or text received on the cell phone over to the tablet.

A feature named “touch-to-share” permits the user to get an open web page on the TouchPad and share it with the smartphone by just touching the phone to the tablet.

Fat-fingered folks will be impressed with the capability to switch over from a smaller onscreen keyboard to a developed onscreen keyboard and then on over to a wireless full-size keyboard in a docking station, also.

According to Jason Snell of Computerworld, the Touchstone Charging Dock sounds appealing, also. And, when the TouchPad is docked, it opens into “Exhibition Mode” – a prime app-developer possibility, Snell says, for only around something from calendar, photo, Twitter stream, clock or whatsoever.

Snell was amazed with the software combination that permits the pairing of TouchPad with a webOS phone by putting down the phone down on the center of the TouchPad and with webOS’s app-switching interface, naming it “a far more intuitive system than Apple’s.”

It looks like HP might be taking a byte out of Apple in the tablet department.


  1. July 5, 2011 at 3:50 am

    I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad. I was wondering if it had any sort of external speakers (or like the iPhone, doesn’t, but still can project sound)? And also if you can plug a regular headphone jack into it. It seems like it would be pretty thin (I’ve never used an iPad) so it seems kind of like regular headphones wouldn’t be able to plug into it. Thanks!

  2. July 5, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Hi,I am a ACCA(England),& is working for a ENC bank in Finance domain. However , I want to shift my career to i-banking. My present co. has offered me a role in Singapore, please let me know if it will help me in transition to i-banking.

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