Toyota Develops a System That Detects Possible Car Accidents

s_li-toyota-crash-test-620-jpToyota is developing a protection technology that controls the steering so the vehicle could turn away when it is not able to stop before impact.

Toyota Motor Corporation illustrated several of its protection innovations in a demonstration yesterday.

All of the automakers of the world are working on safety technology in an attempt to persuade customers, as rivalry strengthens among manufacturers.

Cars that stop or reduce speed automatically before an object or person in expectation of a possible crash are not new.  However, the latest precollision system of Toyota adds a steering-control feature.

Moritaka Yoshida, chief safety technology officer of Toyota, said that Toyota uses cameras and super-sensitive radar named millimeter-wave, both installed in front of the vehicle, to detect possible crash threats, like a pedestrian crossing the road.  The vehicle estimates how braking and steering should be applied to avoid a crash.

He said, “We must learn from accidents and keep making improvements in safety features.’’

The automaker refused to speak when the feature might be offered on a commercial model or in which markets, although officials clued it was prepared to be offered shortly.

The objective of Toyota is for zero deaths and injuries.

Fatalities have been declining in auto accidents because of good security features, yet deaths of pedestrians in traffic accidents have not gone down in Japan.

Toyota illustrated a pop-up hood, which rises slightly in a crash to alleviate the impact of a pedestrian’s being strike by a car.

It as well illustrated how parts of the rays from high-beam headlights can be blocked so that drivers can see clearly what was in front while headlights would come up to be on low beam to the driver in a car coming from the other way.

Toyota as well illustrated a steering wheel in development that would measure the heartbeat of the driver to avoid a crash should the driver undergo a heart attack.

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  1. March 29, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Safety is a major focus of Toyota as the brand continuously works on a mission to enhance driving experience through luxurious feel, comfortable ambiance, and high safety levels.

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