Toyota FJ Cruisers recall 2013

Toyota FJ Cruisers Recalled due to Seat Belt Problems

Toyota announced a huge recall of 310,000 units of their FJ Cruiser SUVs. The recall was due to a seat belt problem. The safety belt could potentially fail depends on how the passenger and the driver positions themselves in the vehicle seats. This could be dangerous especially in sudden brakes or light bumps. Majority of the SUVs recalled are from the United States, SUVs sold in other countries are included in this massive recall.

The car maker made the announcement in a press release, citing a problem about the passenger and the driver seat belts which are fixed right in thr rear doors. Panels where it is installed are not strong enough to handle them in harsh conditions. If the door of the SUV is harshly closed or forcibly, panels could potentially crack which could result in weaker seat belt support and won’t hold on conditions such as sudden brakes and even light crashes.

FJ Cruiser SUV models being recalled are from 2007 up to 2013. Most of the SUVs were in the United States, 209,000 units to be exact, and another 52,000 units were sold in the Middle East. Other SUVs were sold in other countries such as Oceania, China, Australia, and some cities in the Latin America.

For now, Toyota is still figuring out on how to correct and what method will be used in fixing this issue. The car maker are considering a lot of options now. If they decided on a repair method, owners of the SUV can bring their cars in the dealer and have it repaired  for free since this is a factory fault.

Toyota FJ Cruisers recall 2013

Toyota has suffered lots of recalls already, before this issue of the FJ Cruisers, they recalled more than 1 million units of their cars a year ago due to an airbag and wiper issues.