It’s Twitter’s 5th Birthday!

The message was mysterious. Two terms. No background, no punctuation, only: “inviting coworkers”.

However that short declaration showed to be sufficient to launch a worldwide occurrence that has launched careers, joined up extensive-missing relations, and even, several would fight, topple dictators.

Because Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder posted it last March 21, 2006, Twitter has registered closely 200 million users who now post over a billion tweets each week.

Dorsey has used up the previous few days tweeting a timeline of sorts, giving out what he was performing only before the big launch.

He tweeted, “5 yrs ago today, the eve of launching twttr to the company. Moving from @Biz, @florian & me, to all of our peers using it. Nervous. #twttr”

twitter anniversary

The nervousness of Dorsey surely paid off.

Twitter has acted a function in a broad range of headline-creating events, from the Egyptian revolution to fight of Charlie Sheen with CBS since its launch.

It’s as well turn out to be a business instrument, with several major companies currently utilizing accounts to advertise contracts and give confidence idle talk marketing.

The importance of Twitter in message was completed simple during the moment after the earthquake of Japan and tsunami this month.

Twitter speaks it put a record of 6,939 tweets for each second right away after the 9.0-magnitude quake hitted on March 11, and 177 million tweets went out as the day wore on.

For Twitter to obtain one billion tweets it got three years, two months and a day. The location now averages 140 million tweets each day.

Twitter is in private owned company, hence its finances are not made public. Previous month, the Wall Street Journal reported that suitors were costing it at $8 to $10 billion.

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