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Twitter Announces 100 Million Users

twitter usersFrom Twitter’s San Francisco Office, Dick Costolo said that more than half of 100 million users of the site log’s in every day. He also added that 40% of the users just read the tweets from their friends without tweeting themselves.

Twitter, the most popular microblogging social network boasts that it now generates more than 5 billion posts or popularly known as “tweets” each month, the site also gets 400 million unique visits each month and claims that half of the active users are using their mobile phones to tweet.

Illustrating Twitter’s growth, the company mentioned some politicians, celebrities, and sport icons that use the service. Twitter also revealed that 40 percent of the British MP’s are using twitter, together with 35 of the Britain’s police forces and 396 British Olympic players. Even the TV networks, radios, and online media is there too.

In the past few weeks or even months, Twitter seems to be in the middle of every news. It includes Louise Mensch MP that complained of threats from hackers because she suggested shutting down of Twitter in times of unrest, also Jonathan Agnew, a cricket commentator also spoken about the abuse of from the Indian cricket fans during the summer’s test series.

On the other hand, police forces are also using Twitter to communicate better with the community that they are serving. Even farmers are on Twitter too, tweeting about the awareness of the problems in their industry.