Twitter App for Windows 8 and Windows RT now Available for Download in Windows Store

Twitter has announced the availability of its app for Windows 8 and Windows RT, which users can get now from the Windows Store. The sleek-looking app borrows its design from other Twitter apps, such as those available for Windows Phone and Android. The differences with the Windows 8 app, however, are in the details.

Twitter released their newest app for Windows 8 and RT ready for download in the Windows Store. Users can get it now for free and make use of the latest features that it comes with.

The app based the design from the other Twitter apps, like for those existing apps for Android OS or Windows Phone but there are certain features that will make this new Twitter app a good hit for the users.

The features of this new app are created that make use of the Windows RT and 8. First, and maybe the most obvious feature is the Live Tile. In this tile, Twitter users will see the notifications such as new Tweets, DM’s and RT’s right away, of course, in real time making it a more convenient and easy to keep the user updated in any happenings in the social media giant without hassling to open up the internet browser.

The app will still have the important buttons such as the Home, Connect, Discover, and Me on the left side and a Share button for easier sharing from different applications. For example, a user can just swipe a listing from Amazon app and a twitter share button will appear making it easy to tweet the listing.

twitter app windows 8 windows rt
Another special feature that this app has is the Pin, or the ability to pin the app in the desktop while multi-tasking so users can still keep track of the happenings in their twitter accounts.