Twitter hacked, 250K accounts compromised

On Friday, Twitter has confirmed that it had been the newest victim of a cyber attack.

For the past few months, there were a number of high profile cyber attacks made against a number of media companies. People from Twitter stated that the hackers may have acquired access to information on about 25,000 of the 200 million active users of the social networking site.

In a blog post, Twitter wrote that early on this week, it has detected shots to get information to the media’s user data. It has shut off an attack event after it was identified. However, it found out that the hackers may have accessed email addresses, passwords, and user names from nearly 250,000 users. As a solution, the social media has reset the stolen passwords and immediately sent emails to its affected users.

Along with Twitter, both computer systems of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times had been also attacked earlier this week, saying that China-based hackers infiltrated through their computer systems.

On the other hand, the Chinese government has explained that the accusations against the so-called China-based hackers are all unsubstantiated and that their country is also a victim of cyber attacks.


Twitter hacked, 250K accounts compromised