Twitter Head Warns Users of Fake Antivirus Software

Antivirus software connections have widened throughout Twitter in an assault that has reasoned the social media website to begin reorganizing passwords for accounts.

Accounts started allocating connections endorsing false antivirus software by utilizing a Google “” URL shortener to hide the destination of the connections, according to PCworld. Sufferers who landed on the false antivirus page are requested to approve a scan of their computer, which begins a download of a “false security program named ‘Security Shield.’”

This particular kind of applications, which are frequently unsuccessful at eliminating real malware, will frequently bother users to pay for the complete edition of the program.

Head of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team Del Harvey has been fast to crush reports that the assault is a worm, which increases from account to account.

Rogue AV

“We are functioning to take away the malware connections and reset passwords on compromised accounts,” Harvey wrote this on her Twitter account.

She wrote, “Did you follow a link that lead to a page telling you to install ‘Security Shield‘ Rogue AV? That’s malware. Don’t install.”

Even though the beginning of the assault is doubtful, several detractors have ascribed the increase to the attack on Gawker Media in December. In that event, many e-mail addresses and passwords of registered users for the media website were stolen by a group named Gnosis, passwords that might have as well been utilized for Twitter accounts.

PCworld writes, “Twitter observed a propel of spam following the Gawker cut, as it is alleged that several users utilized no different password for the Web sites, which completed their Twitter accounts susceptible.”