Twitter Incorporates with Apple Ping

It is sort of astonishing but Apple and Twitter have joined in social network. Well-liked micro-blogging social network Twitter proclaimed its coalition with Apple’s music-centric social network Ping allowing consumers to share their flavor in music over both social networks. The innovative Twitter web interface consumers will obtain to observe Ping doings, Song previews, connections for buying songs and downloading from iTunes store right in their Tweets. All you have to make is connect your Twitter account to your Ping account.

Innovative Twitter-Ping incorporation is surely going to be helpful for Apple since Twitter consumers would be previewing songs and may buy music from the iTunes Store. Allowing for the reality that consumers send about 95 million tweets each day, Apple may observe an important increase in iTunes Music sales in a couple of months.

Twitter and Apple Ping
Apple swanked of having 1 million Ping users on board in 48 hours of its open. Currently with Twitter incorporation, there is a good likelihood that Twitter consumers would be attracted in looking into Ping and will finally make an account there.

Ping consumers will have to connect their Twitter account to get started. All the user posts, his Likes, appraisals or some activity executed on Ping would subsequently be tweeted mechanically on Twitter once connected. These tweets could include song previews, and connections for purchase and afterward download of songs from iTunes store.
Consumers on the Innovative Twitter web interface will find to observe song or album information when the connection in the Tweet sent by means of Ping is clicked. In fact, you be able to get pleasure from the song preview on the same page on the right side sheet of the latest Twitter with no parting the page.

But the bad thing about this is that the iTunes song previews are only available on in 23 countries where iTunes Store offer music.  Several countries like India don’t have Ping yet.  That means Twitter users must depend on Ping users from other countries in order to share their links.  If you follow too many Ping users who are fond of music, then that would mean your Twitter timeline is at risks.

If only Ping is as accessible as Twitter is to whole world, then the partnership would be more effective and would yield best results.

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