Twitter redesigned, looks more like Facebook

Twitter will be redesigned and the new design looks a lot like that of Facebook.

On Tuesday, the Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo of Twitter presented the redesigned page of the social networking site. Costolo said that they are more focusing on user profiles and photos compared to the recent version. The CEO further explained that the users usually want to integrate their personality to their profile pages.

Twitter’s new look will be seen on or apps for Twitter on iPad, iPhone, as well as to any Android platform devices.

In addition to the redesigning of Twitter, the users are now capable to upload a “header photo.” This header photo can be viewed on the top most part of the profile page, which sits just above the tweets of the user.

This particular change on Twitter’s site is somewhat similar with Facebook having timelines. The site also has added a new feature wherein the users can have photo streams, which enables them to scroll through thumbnails of other users’ photos. They can also click the thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

An analyst from Moor Insights & Strategy remarked that Twitter is slowly changing its functionality, look and feel, making it look like Facebook rather than the simpler and older version of Twitter.