Two Hackers Pleaded Guilty of Attacking CIA and Other Sites

Two U.K. hackers pleaded guilty today to attacking websites of some big entertainment companies and government agencies in Britain and the United States.

Two hackers from the U.K. pleaded responsible for the attack of government agencies and several entertainment companies in the U.S. and Great Britain, today.

Jake Davis, 19, and Ryan Cleary, 20, both members of a well-known hacking group LulzSec pleaded guilty in a court in London for creating the DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service. The hackers attacked big targets such as Sony, Nintendo, PBS, 2th Century Fox, U.K.’s Serious Organized Crime Agency and National Health Service, News International, and government agencies such as Arizona State Police and CIA.

Cleary seems to be the most wanted of the two as he also pleaded guilty to other four hacking attacks. He infiltrated the U.S. Air Force computers in Pentagon with the DDoS attack. These attack simultaneously requests computers and overwhelms them until it crashes down.

Cleary and Davis were also charged of posting to file sharing sites like PirateBay and Pastebin but they both denied the accusations. According to AFP, Davis will be on trial in October and Cleary will be on April 2013 along with Ryan Ackroyd and a 17 y.o. student who said to be involved in the attacks.

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    i am computer networking employee and i want to know that if any is track by admin than what is the solution of this problem that admin can not known what is done on this system.

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