American International Toy Show

Typical Toy Classics Plus Technology is Cool!

Cutting-edge skill is infusing new lifeĀ into typical toys such as Barbie and Mickey Mouse, according to famous toy makers.

The amalgamation of hi-tech, popular culture and typical toys is a main theme at the American International Toy Show this week in New York, where other than 1200 toy makers are personating their newest products.

Mattel’s Diana Dunn-Graves said acceptance of technology is fundamental to revitalize eternal toys similar to Ken and Barbie and Mickey Mouse.

One pattern of the subject is the latest “Rockstar Mickey,” which executes rock ballads.

Dunn-Graves said, “The devices and content can be infused keen on a personality like Mickey Mouse, the amusing obsession concerning technology is that frequently the kid doesn’t become aware of. It’s faultless. The technology improves the play knowledge and by no means facades or reduces it. It stays fun.”

Mattel is also introducing what the company says is the primary set of toys based on a smart phone request with “Angry Birds Knock on Wood”, based on the Angry Birds app — at this time the No. 1 salaried game app for the Apple iPhone.

American International Toy Show

Rachel Cooper, public relations manager for Mattel Brands, said that, “We’ve used an app and twisted it to a tabletop familiarity. That’s a first, we know how expertise has penetrated life, and this is a tendency we’ll observe a lot more in the prospect. Plus, this really heartens people to play with another person and not just on their phone.”

Other instances of technology-driven toys comprise a soaring assault drone that can be forbidden throughout a smart phone, a toy car with video technology that permits children to digitally record their contests from the point of view of the car, and a Ken doll which records mail to replicate in his personal voice.

“Each girl needs their man to utter what they desire to listen to,” Cooper said. “At the present Ken can do that.”

Blockbuster films are too containing a crash on toys. Lego Group is place to open lines of toys to agree with the discharges of films such as “Cars 2″,”Harry Potter” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

“Legos are immediately the type of toy that will end,” said product relations director Michael McNally. “With the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, we’ve full always accepted Lego theme of pirates and known it a fresh 2011 theme.”

Between the highlights was a life-size sculpture of actor Johnny Depp’s Pirate of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow — made completely of Lego blocks.

The U.S. toy manufacturing is eager their newest products will flash a recover from a lackluster holiday sales period in which insist petered out after a burly start.

U.S. toy sell sales rose 2 percent in 2010 after refuses in 2009 and 2008, with auctions in the new holiday quarter up 3 percent over the prior-year period, according to market research firm NPD Group.

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