Universities in China Collaborated with Military Hacking Group?

A report coming from Reuters suggesting that researchers at Universities in China are working together with the military linked to hacking on a security-related papers.

The papers were co-authored by some PLA Unit 61398 or People’s Liberation Army of China linked to cyberattacks against companies in the West. The papers that were from Shanghai Jiaotong University included details of network securities and intrusion detection.

Majority of the universities avoid working and collaborating with government unit agencies when it comes to official papers. There are no solid evidences that the staff in the university have been involved in the cyberattacks but the alliance is quite alarming. M

Mandiant, a security firm based in the US, accused the Chinese armies for being responsible for several cyberattacks against the US and other areas. The group’s name is said to be APT1 and PLA units 61398 located in a building in Shanghai, China.

The US-based security firm analyzed and came up with a conclusion that the hacking group , APT1, is sponsored by the government and most likely a persistent cyber threat group. “We believe that APT1 is able to wage such a long-running and extensive cyber espionage campaign in large part because it receives direct government support.” according to Mandiant.

PLA Unit 61398

China responded with the reports stating that it was unprofessional and erroneous and pointed finger back to the US accusing the cyberattacks against China.