Upcoming PS4 to stream games

With the rumored release of a new console PlayStation 4, Sony is said to offer new streaming technology on this upcoming PS4.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Sony is designing the PS4 into something that will enable its users to download games directly from the World Wide Web.

PlayStation 4 is expected to be introduced on Wednesday. In addition to the new console, PS4 will also be featuring other next-generation enhancements. This includes touch-sending pads on new controllers and higher integrity of cameras for its new move-motion-sensing technology.

Sony did not give any comments to this report.

Upcoming PS4 to stream gamesThe new PS4 has came out after six months when Sony acquired Gaikai, an Internet gaming service, for an amount of $380 million. This has unlocked a new resource for Sony to dig in deeper, which consisted the probability of letting the company stream its library of games directly to separate gadgets.

Moreover, according to the sources cited in the report, the new technology is designed to stream the existing PlayStation 3 titles and will probably be able to play new games stored in optical discs.

Sony is said to have invested a lot in Gaikai’s service in preparation for the launch of PS4.

On Friday, Sony has started releasing a series of videos that focuses on the evolution of PlayStation. These videos are deemed to stir up interest of the gamers.



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  1. February 22, 2013 at 8:46 am

    If PS4 allows this, and not the new xbox, PS4 will make a lot of more sales. I just am not sure because a lot of problems happen with cloud.

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