Upgrading to Windows 8

Windows 8 has now landed on the tech world. This also means that the $39.99 in-place upgrade of Microsoft is now available. The company has made it much easier for those who have Windows 7, Vista, or XP computer to be upgraded to Windows 8.

How to upgrade your current OS to Windows 8?

Firstm you must check out the full guide on how to prepare your computer for the new operating system Windows 8 on CNET. There are also other guides or instructions on how to return to their old OS, an important thing in case something unexpectedly goes wrong or if at the end of upgrading Windows 8 you happen to not like the new OS.

If you want to upgrade your laptop’s OS, you must take into consideration the passwords for your WiFi. Windows 8 has the capacity to keep all your personal settings, programs, and files if you upgrade from a Windows 7 computer. On the other hand, for those who have XP and Vista, you will have to do reinstallation for all programs and the settings to b reconfigured.

Then, you must go to the site of Microsoft’s Windows 8. You need to scroll the page down to the offer and hit “Get the details.” You will be given two options: $69.99 for a disc to be mailed to you or $39.99 for the downloadable material.

If you chose to click on the downloadable material, it will automatically give your computer a small stub installer, which is a 5 MB file. This will run a compatibility check on your computer and won’t work in Windows 8. This will give you information if you have to uninstall any of them.

After running the stab, it will let you know how much of your existing computer is compatible and if there is anything you need to review. Until Windows 8 is starting to install, you need to supervise the process. However, you need not to stop at anything because the installer will actually help you throughout the process of installation. It will also ask the user on what files, applications, programs, personal settings would they like to keep.

Next, it will be asking you if you want to purchase the upgrade. The ordering process will also take place in the installer too. The download will begin once you have paid through PayPal or Credit Card. Three options will be presented for the 2 GB installer: (1) installing immediately, (2) installing later, or (3) creating a USB key or disc.

It will prompt you to remove any kind of program that can cause conflict on Windows 8. If you are prompted to restart your computer, just double-click on the Windows 8 installation icon on your desktop and it will immediately find where it has left off.