US Department of Defense Orders 650,000 Devices from Apple

The United States Department of Defense will be ordering 650,000 units of devices from Apple to replace BlackBerry devices that they are currently using. The reason for this is that the old devices that they have now is not compatible with the latest BlackBerry 10 OS after the sequester is done.

The details of the orders that the US Department of Defense is going to order are 120,000 units of iPads, 100,000 units of iPad mini, 200,000 units of iPod Touch, and 210,000 units of iPhones. In an interview with Electronista, they said that half of these devices that they ordered will go to the battlefield, support commands, and etc. Remaining units will be in the Pentagon.

There are 470,000 units of BlackBerry devices used daily in the Department of Defense. Not even one of these devices have the latest BlackBerry 10 OS due to the reason that the reserved funds for updating to the new OS has been taken by the sequester. The government agency estimated that 8 million units of smartphones will be employed in the next three years. Some of these devices had different prices because they have been modified to handle classified data from the government. They can go as high as double or quadruple from the original price.

US Department of Defense iOS devices

With the US Department of Defense’ plan of implementing a new mobile plan, they are anticipating the the BlackBerry devices will not be compatible to handle such. The plan will help the DoD smartphone users from the soldiers to the chiefs share classified data even more easier and smoother. This plan of the government followed when they announced that RIM will not have an exclusive contract anymore to supply them devices.