US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan

Friday, an American service provider was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Provincial government officials including the spokesperson for the governor Den Mohammad Darwish as well as the governor of the Charkh district in Logar province Samar Gul Rashid confirmed this killing to the public. They said that they learned about it through Afghan intelligence officials.

Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the two Americans were driving in a civilian vehicle in the village of Dasht, in Charkh district. He said that the Taliban sought after the two men when a firefight broke between the two armed parties. This caused the death of one of the Americans who were believed to be abducted after leaving their compound in Kabul. The other American is wounded said Rashid. The two Americans are said to be service members from the navy.

US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan

In the meantime, there are still no demands from the Taliban for the return of the Americans because they are still considering what their demands would be.

However, the U.S Military’s mouth is still shut on this issue. “We can not confirm anything at this time on this subject,” said Lt. Cmdr. Katie Kendrick. In a press conference last Sunday, Adm. Mike Mullen could still not give any information but he admitted how strange the circumstance was. It is unusual for military men to leave the base and drive over an hour away in a non-military vehicle.

The development on this case comes when five U.S. soldiers were killed in bombings in southern Afghanistan on Saturday.