US Troops Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Attacks

Five US troops were killed in southern Afghanistan on Saturday. According to reports, the cause of death was due to “improvised explosive device attacks.” Other details were not disclosed by the military.

NATO’s International Security Assistance Force said that the four service members were killed in one attack and one was killed in another attack.

As reported by a CNN count of military figures, 60 Americans were killed out of the 102 international troops who were slain in the war. It is aforementioned that the death rate of the international troops was in high numbers during the month of June since the war began. This month, there were more than 70 troops that were killed, 50 of which were Americans.

Afghanistan Bomb Attacks

In reports, Taliban has been attacking the international troops with improvised explosive devices. These devices are homemade and known as IEDs. The attacks happen regularly explaining the high numbers of dead troops.

Aside from the international troops, there are civilians wounded and killed by these regular attacks. The troops put on much effort in hunting down these attackers and protecting the innocent civilians.