Users Get Crazy over the TouchPad Fever

touchpad1-243951-5191355Users are totally crazy for HP’s touchpad, thanks to the recent fire sale costing of $99. The tablet runs out at stores across the country quicker than stores could drag them off the trucks.  The tablets are being sold for increasing of $300 on eBay.

The real question is, why?  We had serious issues with WebOS and that – together with current HP’s announcements of that WebOS would be close down – it is doubtful that those problems will be solved some time shortly.

Only just a week ago there was hardly some interest in the TouchPad.  Still when HP sliced $100 off the value of it no one will became aware of. However, obviously the company did not discount the tablet enough. Unexpectedly the TouchPad is the most favorite tech thing in the country. Suddenly while a value point that low is not easy to argue with, it has to be alleged that several users are have gone a small bit nuts on their agreement hunts.

With the huge demand for comparatively short figures of Touch Pads, users are urged to hurry from store to store to find a TouchPad in stock. The East coast quake Twitter user@transamcruiser even joked, “Was that an earthquake or did best buy just get like 3 touchpads in?”

The TouchPad has as well motivated huge discussion threads at sites like Slickdeals, where extreme deal hunters recount near misses and times of victory as they pursue for the WebOS tablet.

In a Slickdeals thread that is observing about ten posts each minute and has currently increased to over 1000 pages, consumers post updates on stores that do and don’t have the tablet in stock.  They as well trade jokes similar to this from user Steeldeals, “We’re in Hotel TouchPad: You can check out, but you can never leave…”

Although the Touch Pad not passed at going one-on-one with the Apple iPad before it even got out of the gate, currently at $99, the HP tablet has principally no rivalry. If nothing besides, this shows there is still an actual market for a capable bare-bones tablet at the center end of the market.  It is presently a dishonor that once Touch Pad fever burns out there will be nothing even close to its value point.