Virgin Galactic Ship

Virgin Galactic Ship Arrived Without Anyone Driving

Over 370 people who have put down deposits on what they expect will be the first commercially obtainable space flight tickets acquired a step nearer to zero-gravity when a ship of Virgin Galactic attained its first operated free flight and effectively glided into land.

The VSS Enterprise was free from its mothership at a height of 45,000 feet piloted by Pete Siebold, supported by Mike Alsbury as co-pilot.

Virgin Galactic Ship

The company said the plan was to get a clear discharge of the spaceship from its mothership and for the pilots to open fly and move smoothly back and land, together of which were accomplished.

“The VSS Enterprise was an actual pleasure to fly; particularly when one believes the information that the vehicle has been intended not merely to be a Mach 3.5 spaceship competent of going into space however also one of the world’s uppermost height gliders.” Siebold said.

Stu Witt, General Manager of the Mojave Air and Space Port, said “Initial flight days are all the time strange, and this group effort by so many has been interposed by a victorious initial test flight, and at present everybody looking for a journey to space is a huge step closer.”

John Gedmark, Executive Director of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation said, “This is a serious landmark in Virgin Galactic’s test program and a huge day for the commercial spaceflight industry, and at the last part of the day, receiving hardware off the ground is what it’s actually the entire concern. Two test flight pf Spaceship marks one more key landmark in the direction of opening the space border for private individuals, researchers, and explorers.”

The Virgin Group initiated grave hard work at commercial space flight in 2004. Up until now 370 customers have place down deposits adding up $50 million. Flights on the commercial space liner are anticipated to price $200,000 each. Passengers will have to experience three day training prior to their trip, as well as medical checks, bonding, and g- force familiarization.