Latest Standard for Low Cost Smartphones by Virgin Mobile

Virgin’s network now has the LG Optimus V for only $149.

In the previous year, data plan of the Virgin Mobile was considered the most excellent Smartphone plan on the planet. In so far as I am able to observe, no other carriers have yet moved toward near to Virgin’s $25/ month after tax, unlimited data, unlimited texts and 300 anytime minutes per month plans.  I have a hard time placing jointly a plan that charges even twofold that much, particularly with limitless data, which isn’t forever accessible.

Virgin Wireless USA is completely possessed Sprint(S) funding and Virgin ride on Sprint’s 3G network.  Virgin deals solely in prepaid plans which signify that the purchaser is accountable for the cost of the phone.  Fortunately, Virgin would sell you a midrange phone named the Samsung’s Intercept for $249 or less.

The cost of receiving an Android phone now went down $100 on network of Virgin with the Optimus V, a cheaper Android phone without the Intercept’s hardware keyboard however a nicer screen and a thinner profile and a improved OS.

Virgin Mobile

Otherwise in any case that is the report being frightened around exactly at present.  Several men were competent to choose up a LG Optimus V at Radio Shack and perform a simple review on it.  From location of Radio Shack’, you be able to observe it has to some extent enhanced screen than the Intercept without a physical keyboard.  Most significantly, it has Android 2.2 which lets updated Gmail and Maps, Voice Actions and enhanced browsing.  The Virgin Intercept is still wedged at Android 2.1.

Engadget had extremely optimistic things to speak concerning the Optimus T and Optimus S, two siblings of the Optimus V on T-Mobile and Sprint in that order.

There is completely no hesitation that the Optimus T and Optimus S recommend unbelievable price. With good hardware, modern software, and most prominently, firm performance, there is plenty to be fond of for both first-time Android users and smartphone devotees on a financial plan.

Virgin is projected to proclaim the phone formally on February 1.  If you are in the market for a reasonably priced Android phone, I dare you to appear with an enhanced contract than the one that Virgin gives with its approaching Optimus V.

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