Microsoft Plans to Harvest the Biggest Buy

VoIP service by SkypeBuying of VoIP service by Skype will be announced soon, according to a reliable source. But the paper warned that the agreement is still not final and may still drop through.

The agreement would be the biggest ever in Microsoft pricing in the region of $8.5bn as well as debts. The reason is that not Microsoft is short of cash; in fact, it made $5.2bn in income for the previous quarter and has over $50bn in the bank or in short-term investments

Most probably the agreement is observed as a means to boost Microsoft’s lackluster online with mobile businesses. In spite of huge marketing expenses, Bing is still fighting to discover a place in the hearts of the people, and Windows Mobile also finds itself in third place.

Skype maintains 23m simultaneous users at busiest times and 124m people a month using the service in several type: how many pay for the advantage is less obvious. On the other hand, the costs of the company are low as most of the resources – bandwidth, giving out power – used to handle calls are given by users more willingly than by Skype itself.

Maybe due to its cunning scrounging P2P architecture, Skype has been the unloved ginger step child of the internet maybe due to, its cunning scrounging P2P architecture. eBay was required to write off billions of dollars after purchasing the service and failing to locate some way to put together it with its center auction business.

The online tat bazaar paid $3bn for Skype prior to offloading it to Silver Lake Partners and $1.9bn for other private investors.

That deal as well developed a copyright argument among company founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis and eBay.

“Microsoft does not comment on rumour or speculation,” according to the Microsoft spokesperson.

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