Volkswagen iBeetle, the Collaboration of Apple and German Car Manufacturer

It has been rumored before that the late Steve Jobs has been talking to the CEO of Volkswagen for some project. Some reports suggest that they are designing a car that will revolutionize motoring. But recent reports came out that Volkswagen is going to unveil their latest creation, the iBeetle, in the auto show in Shanghai – the Auto China 2013. This seems to be a clear collaboration of Apple and Volkswagen.

In the reports, the Volkswagen iBeetle will be a special-edition car. It will have a dedicated iPhone dock in the dashboard and an App that can be used for some functions in the car.

The iBeetle is said to be released next year and it will have the color features of course inspired with their new partner, Apple and its iPhone. The car will be available in convertible type and hardtop with specially designed wheels.

In the press release with Volkswagen, they stated that iPhone functions can be used in the car. It can make hands-free calls, listen to your music, navigate through map apps, and many more. Furthermore, other reports suggest that with the position of the dock in the dashboard, the iPhone is capable of doing more than mentioned.

There is a high anticipation in the market that this car could be a click. With the global popularity of the iPhone and sales of the Volkswagen cars, the iBeetle could stand out on the line.

volkswagen iBeetle