VoLTE-enabled Galaxy S-III to be launched, Samsung

Samsung has announced on Thursday that it has sold Galaxy S III smartphones for more than ten million units already. In addition to this, the devices will soon be able to support VoLTE or Voice over Long-Term Evolution technology. In August, it will be available in Korea and sooner in other markets all over the globe.

The technology is using an IP packet-based service for voice and data as well. This allows it to launch new multimedia services like switching a voice call into a video call. The company remarked that the technology will be more proficient for the networks’ carriers and provides two times more the voice frequency of HD-level audio and 3G.

According to the statement posted by Samsung, VoLTE-enabled Galaxy S-III LTE changes the transmission of voice calls from a third-generation network to an LTE one, which will create huge cost savings, unlike the earlier LTE smartphones that has a 3G network for voice services.

Another advantage of VoLTE-enabled Galaxy S-III is that the customers don’t have to download the application to use the service.

According to the President of IT and Mobile Communications division of Samsung, JK Shin, they have to work closely with domestic carriers to conduct performance trial and service stabilization tasks between the LTE network and the LTE model of Galaxy S-III, in order to build up a product that will support the first VoLTE service in the world.