Weather Forecast, Now Offered By Google on Maps

New-Delhi-weather-Google-MapsGoogle is giving current weather information and cloud data from around the world on its Google Maps application, by a preparation with The Weather Channel’s and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

The latest “weather layer” could be made active through a widget in the upper right corner of Google Maps.  Clicking on the weather icon for a particular city opens a window with information like current humidity and wind condition, also a forecast for the following four days, according to Jonah Jones, a Google user expert designer.

Users could as well change on the left-hand panel the units of wind speed and temperature, and allow or hinder the viewing of clouds when zoomed out from the map.

The weather information comes from, while information on cloud coverage is provided by the Naval Research Laboratory, according to Google.

Google Maps by now gives information on topography and present traffic status for a quantity of locations.  It added the live traffic feature in July in 13 nations in Europe.