Web traffic volume high for Apple’s iPhone 5

Although Apple’s new iPhone 5 has been available for just almost three weeks, it has already generated more traffic volume on the Web compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Chitika, an online advertising network, has released figures on Thursday of a study they performed regarding the Web traffic volume percentage on both Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. According to the results of the study, there are millions of mobile ad impressions recorded for the two mobile devices, and more than half of the percentage came from the handset of Apple with 56 percent. Samsung just came with 44 percent.

On a blog post, it said that for at least eighteen days, iPhone 5 has surpassed the record of Galaxy S III when it comes to Web traffic volume. The probable explanation with this immediate growth is the record-breaking sales figures along with the browsing speeds for 4G that encourage data usage.

There have been battles over what’s the best smartphone there is in the market. Each of the company raised their efforts in launching advertising campaigns for each of the smartphones. Those efforts had paid off, but is much visible with the figures from Apple’s iPhone 5.