Web version of Instagram introduced

Are you an Instagram user? There’s good news for you!

There is now a web version of the most famous photo-sharing service Instagram, where you don’t have to use your phone always to check out the latest photos from your friends shared on the app.

Today, the Facebook-owned Instagram has announced its web version, wherein it lets Instagram users view the feed directly by connecting and opening Instagram.com on the internet on you desktops, laptops, and tablets.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, the move was decided in order to make the service more reachable to the growing community of social networking.

Web version of Instagram now introduced

It was in December when Instagram launched web profiles, wherein it lets the user see a profile and some of the most famous photos. And with the latest introduction of viewing the whole profile and feed as well, the user can now log in to Instagram.com with your usernamed and password. The workaround is still the same as what is seen on the phone — liking a photo and leaving a comment.

However, the only thing that’s not yet doable is to upload a photo on Instagram through the web.

Systrom further noted that the ability to upload photos from the web is not offered on the web version, but this version is fully focused on a faster, simpler and a more enjoyable experience.

To see and experience the web version, you can now log in at Instagram.com