WebP: Google’s Latest Photo Format

Leaving JPEG in the sprinkle, Google is shoving for the upcoming of photo planning to be complete in WebP.

WebP has been below growth by Google and lessens file sizes by 40 percent link to JPEGs.  That way quicker downloads from websites and less damage on networks.


The product manager at Google, Richard Rabbat illustrates why they ended the choice to expand WebP, “Most of the usual image formats on the web nowadays were recognized more a decade before and are found on technology from about that time. Particular engineers at Google determined to discover if there was a means to more squeeze lossy images like JPEG to assemble them load quicker, although still protecting excellence and resolution. As portion of this attempt, we are discharging a developer preview of a latest image format, WebP that assure to considerably lessen the byte size of photos on the web, letting web sites to load quicker than in the past.”

Google is functioning hard to create this a latest normal and has been in deliberations with browser developers to collect assistance. We can wait to observe WebP support in Chrome in the next little weeks.