What to expect from the new Xbox and PS4

Although Microsoft and Sony have not officially showed hints that they will be releasing newer versions of their Xbox360 and PS3 consoles respectively, some insiders have already made their way out and announced “leaked specs” on the biggest gaming battle for 2013.

According to sources, the processor for PS4 will have a run-capability of 1.84 teraflops (teraflops: a measure of computing power) and Xbox 720 will have 1.23 teraflops, which gives PS4 a fifty percent advantage when it comes to raw computational aspect. PS4 will have 4GB of system RAM and the new Xbox will have 8GB, wherein between 4GB and 5GB will be intended for games only. However, other insiders say that both new consoles will have 4GB of system RAM.

Moreover, there are convincing signs that Sony and Microsoft will both run their own events this spring. The possible month that the two companies will release the new consoles would be this March. Then in June, the consoles will be more shown off in more details in an E3 exhibition.

In addition to this, more reports have noted that the two machines will be able to read 100GB Blu-ray discs. This would make a key improvement for Microsoft, having tried to match against Blu-ray in the previous generation with an Xbox HD DVD player. It is possible that there are some changes in the UIs. Sony may be experimenting with touch controls, which is based on its next Dual Shock controller on the Vita and complete with a centrally placed touch pad, while Microsoft is speculated to be building a new version of its Kinect motion control device into Xbox720.

Even though specs are important, price is also an ultimate deWhat to expect from the new Xbox and PS4ciding factor, Since consumer electronics is a competitive market, Xbox and PS4 machines must aim to have a price as low as possible. Analysts have expected that the price tag will run between $350 and $400.