Apple Announces the Schedule of White iPhone Launching

You would not have to stay a moment longer to find your hands on an iPhone 4 in some shade excluding black. Apple representatives proclaimed a white iPhone 4 will not be out until the spring of 2011 – approximately a full year following the start on of the black iPhone 4. “We are regretful to dissatisfy clientele in the making for the white iPhone once more,” Trudy Muller, Apple spokeswoman said

No motive for the interruption was specified.


Back in July, Apple publicized that the white iPhone 4 would not transport until “later this year” and this not the first hitch on the iPhone 4.

That permission encouraged abundance of rumor around the Web, as well as this small precious stone from Business Insider’s Jay Yarow: “Whereas there is probable a industrialized problem, there could be one more cause for the postponement: Apple is running on a repair for the antenna trouble which it will put in to the innovative white iPhones.” Yarow attributed the report to hum on Mac support forums.

Certainly, the loudest iPhone 4 rumor these days, rotates about the Verizon iPhone, which a lot of psychoanalysts believe will ground once January. The majority current report, drifted lately by the Wall Street Journal, had Verizon toying with a 4G-capable iPhone 4. That resolved give Verizon a huge leg-up over AT&T, the system that presently has elite privileges to authority the iPhone.