Wi-Fi Access on International Flights by Aircell

Itasca-based Aircell said it is upgrading its service and will launch technology allowing international service by 2015.

Gogo Wi-Fi service of Aircel is accessible on a number of carriers, counting United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. It presently utilizes a land-based system, where base stations attach with Wi-Fi hotspots on aircraft. Passengers are able to acquire the service on their flight, contacting the Web on laptops or mobile gadgets.

It will develop its air-to-ground network and increase per-aircraft capability by about four times, permitting for quicker links. This upgraded technology will be accessible in the first half of 2012 and is backwards well-matched with the systems on aircraft, the company said.


Aircell also said it is rolling out satellite technology that will allowing Gogo service in the continental U.S. by 2013 and worldwide by 2015, giving Wi-Fi to passengers on international flights. This move more ups the competition among Aircell and Row 44, which gives a satellite-based Wi-Fi service occupied by Southwest Airlines.

The company said, over 6,000 business and commercial aircraft have Aircell technology.

photo credit: crunchgear.com