Comics Legend Will Eisner, Subject of Google Doodle Illustration

The Newest doodle was exposed by Google; an artistic play on the logo decorates the primary search page of the company.  Scott McCloud, a Comics artist helped in the making of illustration, which pays mark of respect to comic book legend Will Eisner. The cloaked character making up the two “Os” in Google symbolizes on of famous works of Eisner:  The Spirit, or Denny Cold, a crime-fighting detective whose comic was out in newspaper on 1940 and 1952.

The following work of Eisner, together with his graphic novels entitled “A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories,” with a graphical retelling of Herman Merville’s “Moby Dick,” make Eisner the unauthorized honor of being believed the father of modern graphical storytelling. Up to his death in 2004, he go on to publish graphical books, mostly centering on utilizing print graphics to retell stories, and get bigger upon the characters, of different novels and myths paved in the public awareness.

McCloud writes, “For most of his career, Eisner was years, even decades, ahead of the curve. I saw him debating artists and editors half his age, and there was rarely any question who the youngest man in the room was.  It helped that he never stood on ceremony. Everyone was his peer, regardless of age or status. None of us called him ‘Mr. Eisner.’ He was just ‘Will.'”


In 1987 the acknowledgment of manipulate of Eisner even extended in so far as the awards platform-particularly, the making of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, or else recognize as the “Oscar” of the comic industry.

Even going thus far as to be present at the award ceremony held at Comic-Con International every year in San Diego, California, Eisner himself lived to observe the creation of the award. He was recognized for individually praising those winning the award that turn off his name, which be composed of over two dozen categories’ value of winners.

Distinguished honorees consist of Neil Gaiman, who won in the “Best Writer” category every year among 1991 and 1994, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, who won “Best Writer/Artist” in 1988 for their work on Watchmen, and Scott Kurtz, who won the 2006 “Best Digital Comic” Eisner for his PvP webcomic.

McCloud, who assisted fashion today’s Google doodle, in respect of what would have been Eisner’s 94th birthday, beforehand illustrated Chrome comic book of Google. He’s as well a judge for the “Doodle 4 Google” contest, which requests K-12 students to present themed design for Google for the possibility to win a $15,000 grand prize—a college scholarship, certainly, additionally to other technological goodies.