Will there be an iTV from Apple Inc.?

Will Apple go into the television market?

The Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple Inc., is anticipated to take advantage of the weaknesses in the television market sometime in the future. It remains a mystery on how soon will the company move into such field. On the other hand, tech analysts are supposing that Apple Inc. is already on the route of launching the rumored iTV sometime within this year.

However, there are other tech experts who believe that the iPhone maker might not actually launch its own line of television.
As a matter of fact, Apple Inc. has not been really out of the blue when it comes to the television market. An example of this is the Airplay, in which the company uses to bring a different experience in television by the use of the iPad ability in connecting to its Set Top Box TV. With the use of this product, users have the capacity to extend the iPad experience to a wider screen. This could be the distinguishing factor for the next generation television.

Will there be an iTV from Apple Inc.Most of Apple reviewers feel that the current Airplay is making a good foundation for a cutting edge interface.

Moreover, Apple Inc. remains to be standing firmly in enhancing its product line revenues if the iTV project grows to be a success. The real opportunity for Apple Inc. in the TV market occurs not just in selling the monitors, but also in using its iDevices to boost experience in TV.