Windows 8 and Surface not selling, Samsung Exec says

Windows 8 and the Surface are not of great deals.

Samsung’s president of its memory-chip division tells that the demand for Surface is not good and Windows 8 is no better compared to Vista.

This statement seems to describe the vague panic building up amongst tech companies. The latest little harsh comments made by Samsung’s memory-chip division president Jun Dong-Soo has quite lit up the fire among tech giants.

Although Dong-Soo was quoted of saying that the new operating system of Microsoft is good, he still thinks that the Vista platform is better. With this, analysts and experts believe that saying that Vista’s better than Windows 8, it’s a bit of belittling the new OS. This is maybe due to the fact that the new product isn’t really doing good in the global computer market.

Windows 8 and Surface not selling, Samsung Exec saysMoreover, he continued that Microsoft’s other product Surface tablet is not also doing good in the market, lacking the demand to sell lots of units. This statement is opposite to the rumors that there are a lot of teenagers and young adults who want to get hold their own Surface tabs and not anymore Apple’s devices.

The hanging question now is that will Samsung continue using Windows or just change to Android? Or maybe it’s already their time to develop a new software that would fit their needs and can be better than Microsoft’s platforms?