Windows 8 Anticipated to be Released in October

Microsoft released a demo version of the upcoming Windows 8 OS recently. Many have been waiting for the final release so they can get a hold of this new OS that may somehow compete with Apple’s iOS. But when is this going to be released?

Microsoft Corp. will certainly get the job done on Windows 8 this summer, making it available for tablets and personal computers with the operating system to be on sale this October, based on people who have knowledge about the schedule.
The first release will incorporate units with ARM Holdings Plc and Intel Corp. chips, making good on the company’s assurance to handle both standards, according to the people, who refused to be named for the reason that the plans are private. In adopting ARM technology, Microsoft is utilizing exactly the same type of processors as Apple’s New iPad. Nonetheless, there will be less than five ARM units in the first release, compared with over 40 Intel units.

The aimed release time would let the Redmond, Washington-based company target holiday shoppers with the new operating system, that works well with touch-screen gadgets or tablets and also desktop personal computers and laptops. Microsoft which has not yet publicized the exact date for the Windows 8 launch, strives to gain back income lost to the iPad and reintensify the slow-moving PC market.
But Apple Inc. released the third generation iPad this month, making a much greater problem for Microsoft.