Windows 8 early mockups revealed by Microsoft

With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8, it did not get away from comparisons from its Start screen mockup way back in 2010.

The mockups presented in 2010 for Windows 8 show not much of a difference to what it is today. As presented by the director of program management for Windows User Experience Team for Microsoft Jensen Harris, the keynote demonstration was dubbed as “The Story of Windows 8,” showing the mockups of the possible interface of Windows 8.

According to a certain website — — mockup images of the 2010 Windows 8 presentation show that the company certainly has modified some of the Windows 8’s feel and look.

However, it emphasized that the overall design and look of the new operating system has remained just the same.

To have a comparison, let’s start with the Start screen, which is sporting the same tiles of the Win 8 released today, both static and live. On the upper right corner of the Start screen displays the user’s profile photo. Additionally, it also shows the time, date, battery charge, and WiFi signal strength. All of these items were eventually transferred to the lock screen of Win 8.

For the Lock screen, the mockup and the official release is just the same, both having the time and date on top of a background image that can be personalized.

In 2010’s Charms bar, it was noticed that in 2010, the bar is more crowded compared to the Charms bar presented today. Familiar charms that can be located in this feature are the Start screen, Settings, and Search, as well as with other five unidentified charms.

Nevertheless, a number of users have praised and embraced using the new Windows 8 OS, especially that it works incredibly good on tablets and other touch-screen devices.