Windows 8 pre-sales figures show high revenues, Microsoft

On Thursday, Microsoft has released its report on sales from its Windows division with a 33 percent drop in the third quarter. Despite this bad news, the software maker giant’s pre-sales of Windows 8 reported to have nearly $800 million, which is forty percent higher compared to the pre-sales for the previous operating system Windows 7.

The overall profits of Microsoft for its fiscal first quarter was recorded as $16.01 billion, which is down by 7.8 percent compared to last year’s first quarter. The earnings per share was down to 7.9 percent at 63 cents while net income was at $4.47 billion.

According to the General Manager for Investor Relations at Microsoft Bill Koefoed, they are seeing the overall decline in the computer market in the current quarter in advance of Windows 8 launching and in part, due to the competition in this market as wells as the challenging waves of macroeconomic climate.

From last year, the revenues from the Windows unit of the company has dropped 33 percent to $3.24 billion. However, Koefoed explained that the figures do not take in the pre-sales numbers of Windows 8 and sales of Windows 7 computers that are qualified for an upgrade to Windows 8 worth $15. Windows 7 was accounted for the deferred revenue of $783 million, while Windows 8 for $384 million in deferred revenue.