Windows 8 Preview Released

Microsoft presented customers their 1st chance to get and fiddle around with the Microsoft’s new Windows 8 os.
It is only in “preview”, which implies it is probably ridden with bugs and has no customer support yet. However it allows testers a look at how Microsoft sees the modern computing and beyond.

Windows 8 is extremely distinct from the numerous os’s Microsoft has released since 1995. In several ways, Windows 8 signifies much more of change for the company along with the pc than the older OS like Windows 95 did.

“We live in a world where tablets are about touch, and PCs about the keyboard and mouse, but what happens when you revisit those assumptions?” a question raised by Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s president of Windows, at a demonstration at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona.”Touch is just another point in Windows 8 where you get to pick ‘and.’ It’s not about ‘or’ anymore.” he added.

The company exhibited a couple of reference designs that PC producers designed for programmers to examine Windows 8 on. Several were tablet PC’s, some are touch-enabled laptop computers. The other one was an large 50’sh-inch interactive display. And another was a touch-screen enabled monitor that can be swiveled to become a table top or a drafting table.

Microsoft first revealed Windows 8 OS around the globe in its developer preview last September. Ever since then, Microsoft said it has made thousands of changes.

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  1. June 6, 2012 at 11:08 am

    window-8 is the latest version of window-7. it has some advance feature than window 7. but i want to know that i have dual core processor and can i install this window in this feature.

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