Microsoft Clarifies the Schedules of Windows Phone 7 Launching in the US and Europe

Paul Thurrott is reporting that Microsoft will open its new mobile OS on November 8 in the United States opposite to the current report that recommends Microsoft will open Windows Phone 7 at a NYC occasion on October 11. Though he verifies that there is a NYC occasion scheduled for October 11, it is a yearly occurrence that is not linked with Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7

This exposure appears sizzling on the heels of one more rumour that floated up nowadays and recommends that the European open of Windows Phone 7 is scheduled for October 21. Allegedly, Microsoft is scheduling open happenings around Europe to endorse Windows Phone 7, as well as one in London that will attribute a restricted radio station. These proceedings will correspond with the retail accessibility of Windows Phone 7 handsets crossways Europe.

In spite of several disorders ended the October 11 occasion, the open of Windows Phone 7 is developed adequately. The European launch in October is quick forthcoming and we have observed a handful of phones as well as the LG E900 and the HTC HD7. The American launch is as thrilling with the HD7 perhaps landing on T-Mobile and the HTC Mondrian and more beginning with AT&T .  Is anybody scheduled on buying a Windows Phone 7 handset when they lastly create their debut?