Windows Phone 7 to Go Geyond Apple iOS

Windows Phone 7According to the research firm IDC forecasted that Windows Phone 7 of Microsoft will outpace sales of iPhone of Apple by 2015.

Together will badly lag Android operating system of Google which will like an almost 44% market share by the mid of the decade. However thanks to its acceptance by the biggest phone manufacturer of Nokia throughout the world, Windows Phone 7 will jump prior to iPhone of Apple to enjoy a 20.3% market share, compared to the 16.9% of the iPhone.

That is a big leap from Windows Phone 7’2 present market share of only 3.8%, although the study discover that the Microsoft operating system will like a compound yearly increase rate of 82.3%, compared to the iPhone’s yearly increase of 17.9% and Android’s 23.7% rate.

The report said, “Windows Phone 7 will benefit from Nokia’s support, scope, and breadth within markets where Nokia has historically had a strong presence.

It was recorded on the other hand that “until Nokia begins introducing Windows Phone-powered smartphones in large volumes in 2012, Windows Phone 7 will only capture a small share of the market.”

Presently Android has 38.9 per cent of the worldwide smartphone market, compared to 18.2% of Apple.

According to the study, the smartphone market will leap considerably by 2015 which discovered that sales will over triple from their 2010 levels of 305 million to 982 million in 2015. Sales in 2011  of Smartphone are forecasted to be 472 million.