Windows Phone 7

Microsoft will be releasing its new mobile operating system this October, the Windows Phone 7 which is the successor of the Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile was said to be a disappointment to the company because it “did not manage to hold out too long on top of the mobile operating system market.” With this experience, Microsoft assured the public that they will create a new OS that will have “a great and predictable user experience by building it from scratch.” This means that Microsoft will not just make developments or additions or upgrading the system to the latter device, hence they will create a new device. With this, the Mobile application of Windows will not work on the new OS. This is a sign that Microsoft is willing to go back on the race of competition.

At this moment, Microsoft is testing how the Windows Phone 7 will be accepted by the users. The company just released only the test version of the new OS.

Everything in Windows Phone 7 is different. Its features are different from the earlier OS. However, according to experts of the industry, Windows Phone 7 will need to have some improvements on the features, as easy-to-use and friendly-user to the Windows Phone 7 users.