Windows Phone Platform Faces App Problem

Apps – the main thing that keeps the smartphones like iPhone and Google’s Android phones alive and dominate the market. This is now the main challenge or let’s say the biggest challenge for the competitors Nokia and Microsoft, who are trying to take back the marketshare from the big players who are enjoying the top spot.

And thus far, things are not running smoothly for the contenders and their best hand Windows Phone platform.

Apps, are compact pieces of software which do helpful or entertaining stuff on phones and tablet PC’s. The large selection of applications in Google and Apple stores undoubtedly are a main factor which has aided the firms come out as dominating players in the profitable market.

On Monday, Nokia and Microsoft mentioned that they will make investments a total of 18 million euros to a new mobile application development program, namely the AppCampus at Helsinki’s Aalto University in the next 3 years.

Most popular global apps such as

Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare are some of the most globally popular apps that are already available on the Windows Phone platform, but producers of various niche or local apps have jumped away.

The apps already available in the Windows Phone Marketplace now surpasses 65,000, exceeding those at the other opponent RIM’s BlackBerry store. But this figure is still far short of about 500,000 apps available on the Google Play and Apple App Store, as outlined by Distimo, an app researcher.

Regarding the shrinking marketshare, the announcement by Microsoft and Nokia is an attempt to find and gather new solutions to surpass this dilemma and help them get back on track in the market.

They are anticipating that the program that they are trying to support, funding and coaching for new app makers to boost or increase the competitive apps on Windows Phone Platform.