Woman was Fired from Work After Posting Bad Things in Facebook

Dawnmari Souza, the woman who was fired for criticizing her boss on Facebook, and her former employer has reached a settlement.

Allegedly for calling her boss a “d*ck” and “sc*mbag” on her Facebook wall after a quarrel at work, Souza was fired from her job as a union worker at the American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance company in December 2009.  Souza was moreover deprived of Teamster illustration, which denied her case to the National Labor Relations Bureau (NLRB).

In December 2010, Souza and NLRB took legal action AMR for illegal termination.

Dawnmari Souza

Souza and AMR reached a settlement agreement, NLRB said. Under the agreement the company will amend its “overly-broad” Internet posting rule, with not reject union demonstration in the upcoming.

Workers just aren’t well-protected well from sackable Facebook behaviors, according to an article in Teamster Magazine.

The article read, “Earlier than the settlement, work-related Facebook posts were unexplored territory in the American lawful scheme, meaning workers with no union illustration had no defense, no assurance and no option against discipline or termination because of Facebook posts.”

“The quantity of workers who discover themselves in the shoes of Souza is staggering. Facebook-connected firings are a usual incidence in the U.S.  8 percent of U.S. companies confess releasing employees because of Facebook actions, according to a 2008 survey.”

photo credit: blogcatalog.com